Bluehost Web Hosting Review

Bluehost is one of the three webhosting services officially recommended by the WordPress organisation. But along with the recommendation of WordPress, Bluehost has several other features that make it more interesting webhosting service. It provides wide range of webhosting services ranging from simply hosting blogs to downloading e-commerce applications used by advanced enterprises. The Bluehost web hosting review provided here under will help you to know it more closely.

What is Bluehost?

In 2003 Bluehost was inaugurated as a company to provide web hosting solutions to users. Since last more than a decade Bluehost has benefited its customers through various innovations to host more than 2 million websites. Being one of the most popular webhosting companies today Bluehost has a well grown team to support the increasing demand of its services along with providing 24/7 support services to its customers and shoppers.

Hosting services provided by Bluehost

Shared Web Hosting: Instead of offering shared hosting services on monthly basis Bluehost offers annual plans and also offers discounts if you sign up for two or three year plans. The cost of its services can be as low as $3.95 per month if you commit to stick to it for 3 years. But you can go for HostGator if you want to use it on monthly basis instead of committing for long time.

VPS Web Hosting: Bluehost also offers virtual private server or VPS for webhosting if you have specific requirements or need more power to host expected high traffic volumes.

Dedicated Web Hosting: If you expect extremely large traffic volumes then you can also avail dedicated server of Bluehost. You can get dedicated serves fitted with Linux operating system with up to 1 TB space on hard drive with 16 GB RAM and monthly transfer of 15TB data at the rate of $109 per month. The specifications of dedicated server are same as that of HostMonster.

WordPress Web Hosting: If you want to create a website powered by WordPress even then you can use Linux based server of Bluehost at different rate packages. Standard WP hosting is available for 1 year from $39.99 per month. WP Enhanced is available at $59.99 per month, WP Premium at $89.99 PM and WP ultimate at $129 per month. All the packages are for one year contract.

Site Creation services: Bluehost also offers a number of website building tools for managing email, filtering spam, managing domains and collecting statistics of the sites. You can use content management platform of WordPress, Weebly, for building a website. It will allow you to use File Manager or FTP to upload files or goMobi Mobile Web builder for using add-on content.

E-Commerce: Bluehost also provide services to ecommerce companies by allowing them to use email marketing tools like DaDa Mail to send newsletters to listed subscribers through email at the rate of $34.95 per month. Its Magento and ShopSite tools allow online stores to accept payments and organising shopping cart respectively. TransFirst is another payment gateway offered by this hosting service.


In this way, Bluehost offers wide range of safe webhosting services to its customers at very reasonable price since its inauguration.

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